Funky contractors.

So, you are looking for a geek? Someone who can do the funky PHP dance like no one else? Someone who can Groovy the JavaScript right off the floor? Someone who can lay down Drupal break beats between the Rails or even someone who can hit a high C while his NodeJS rocks till the sun comes up?

The horror. The horror.

We've all been there, on either side; dealing with agencies can be quite a frustrating experience. You have to deal with someone knowing little or nothing about the requirements of the role. After sifting through many unsuitable CVs and performing mindless interviews, you eventually find a suitable candidate. Then the agency swoops in adding their fee to the rate. They wedge themselves in the middle, restricting the professional relationship you can have with a contractor and tie you down to an agreement that means you pay more than you should and the contractor gets less than they deserve.

Let's shake it up. understands geeks and what they are looking for; it's made by them. We also get what companies are looking for, having been through the pain of assisting in the recruitment of technical staff for many different companies. Oh, and the best part? There is no charge for using this service. We don't think that agencies deserve the fees they charge, and we have no intention of becoming one of them. We just want to provide technical professionals with the best possible way of finding the right work for them.